Intelligent banking that helps you purchase

Mansa is the first AI-powered banking platform that guides your spending, savings, investing and home purchasing without the burden of debt and interest payments.

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Bank with your team.

Whether you’re a team of one, two, or five, we make it easy for you to manage finances for yourself and the people that is most important to you. All from one place.

Invest in your goals.

Our AI will analyze your income then plan your spending, tell you how much to save and suggest investments that will speed up how fast you achieve your purchase goals.

Purchase debt-free

Never get held down by debt that leads to hefty interest payments. Our sole mission is to empower you to purchase a home, car, and even a college education free from debt.

Team Banking ™

Take control of your money with family or friends.

Easily create and manage team accounts with your friends and family members.

Issue physicial and virtual debit cards to everyone in your team for more secure and managable spending.

Plan monthly spending smarter using artificial intelligence and auto-allocate money so you can achieve your purchase goals faster and interest-free.

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Asset Class Investments

Access income generating investments.

Simply allocate what you would like to invest from your main account into your investment account, and we will take care of the rest. Get returns ranging from 7%-15%

Emperor Fund: A single investment solution that will allocate your money across multiple asset classes and returns your profit on a quarterly basis.

Business Finance: Invest in business projects that need financing for raw materials, equipment purchasing and other resources.

Real Estate: Invest in real estate projects like new construction, rentals, flips, and home financing.

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Home Purchasing

Purchase your dream home mortgage and interest-free.

Yes, you read that right. Mansa has innovated a way for you to get the home of your dreams sooner than later.

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We’re reinventing banking, investing and savings from the ground up.

Everything from the way you manage your finances, save, invest and even how you purchase a home. We’re building the first banking system that will empower debt and interest-free living.

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