End-to-end home purchasing that frees you from mortgages and interest.

Purchase your home through an innovative partnership model with investors where your payments convert into equity. No debt. No mortgages. No interest payments.

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No Mortgage

Enter a new way home buying without the mortgage hassle.

No Interest

Say good bye to interest payments and hello to equity.

No Foreclosure

Never fear a bank snatching your home away.

You’re just 5 steps away from purchasing your dream home.

Mansa’s end-to-end journey of home purchasing makes choosing a home, a realtor, an attorney, and completing the closing process as simple as ordering an Uber.

Search for your perfect home and realtor from our MLS listing.

Submit an offer and select an attorney.

Agree on terms of purchase and enter into contract with the seller.

Choose an appraiser to value your home.

Accept offers from investors to purchase your home in partnership with you.

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